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  DTN Weekly DDG Average Price Higher as Supplies Tighten
  West:More Sanctions, Isolation on Putin09/24 08:54
  US Steps Up China Diplomatic Efforts 09/24 09:03
  Russian Men Join Exodus, Fear Call-Up 09/24 08:48
  German Leader Seeks Deals, Alliances 09/24 08:59
  Marcos Wants to Reintroduce Philippines09/24 09:02
  Iran Women Furious Over Headscarf Death09/24 08:51
  Russia Shells Ukraine Cities Amid Votes09/24 08:58
  Dow Hits 2022 Low on Recession Fears 09/23 16:00
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@C2Z 675'0 -11'4
@S2X 1426'0 -31'2
@W2Z 877'0 -30'2
@O2Z 397'2 -22'0
MSFT 237.920000 - 3.060000
WMT 130.060000 - 3.330000
XOM 85.750000 -4.820000

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